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There is no one size fits all approach for self-protection training as people are individuals.

With this in mind Streetsafe can offer basic course packages, but will usually tailor this package to the needs and requirements of the client.

First meetings will usually need to include basic information and skills which could include but is not limited to

  • What is self-protection
  • awareness
  • avoidance
  • how bad guys think
  • home safety
  • travel safety
  • on-line safety
  • the law
  • the realities of violence
  • aftermath
  • basic physical responses

Other things can be built in or emphasised dependant on what the client needs. This level works as anyone can attend as self-protection shouldn't just be for fit and healthy people, in fact the elderly, young and infirm are the ones who probably need it more.

If these skills are in place and for people who have attended starter courses, we can offer skill building courses in any areas. Often clients want to look at more physical aspects of self-protection training.

pressure testing of techniques and drills to ingrain responses can be introduced.

Finally, for those who have a good understanding of self-protection we can offer personally tailored scenario training where the client will experience the closest thing to real life that can be attained in a safe environment. This will test judgement making, response to threat or attack and articulation of outcomes.

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

To discuss your requirements for courses or for further information then please contact us on or on 07818 417 181

Discounts are available for Educators and Charitable Institutions.

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